Our Work

Some benefits we offer

  • We offer all the Small Business Administration (SBA) services. We offer emergency loans such as the Economy Injury Disaster Loan and Paycheck Protection Program to help business in the COVID-19 crisis.
  • We orient businesses on the helps and loans provided by the SBA. We prepare requests.
  • We work on the development of business plans for new businesses.
  • We do filings for loans for buy propierties and get refinancing.
  • We work on the SBA 504k and 7A program for new and existing businesses.

Recent Achivements

  • We have helped around 340 LGBTTQ businesses with capital injection. We administer advice for their initiatives and practices.
  • We’ve donated about $360,000 to community businesses.
  • We have 1409 members, including entrepreneurs, professionals and students.
  • We are committed to helping all the proposals we receive.
  • We’ve been speakers on several business conferences.
  • Business and entrepreneur Workshops for the Centro para Emprendedores de Puerto Rico. Also we’ve been jury and collaborators on business and entrepreneurship competitions and also made donations to the Centro.
  • We are part of the Diversity Committee of the American Red Cross. This committee helps access for the community and its minorities to get access to aids provided by the Red Cross.
  • We work on several projects to help marginalized populations.

Work Plan for 2020-2021

  • Increase memberships

  • Sponsorship and donations.

  • Training workshops and seminars for entrepreneurship, business development, finance, banking, law, permits, human resources, recruitment preparation, resume construction and marketing.

  • New and existing business incubator.

  • Incubator of professionals and students for preparation and training.

  • Construction and expansion of the business network (networking).

  • Partnerships with non-profit organizations.

  • Donations to non-profit organizations.

  • Support to LGBTTQ tourism. 

  • Support to LGBTTQ allies.

  • Expand support and network.

  • Meetings, workshops, and training for business practices.

  • Social activities and cocktails.

  • Identification of allies.